New web browser with lots of add-ons




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Dolphin3D is anew web browser which includes lots of complements and add ons which tries to become an alternative to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

The first thing that catches our atention is its blue interface that allows us to have tabs in the upper side and in the side bar.

Other interesting function is the built-in music and video player. Thanks to that media player, we'll only have to click a button to watch a video or play music.

It also features a text editor, image viewer or feeds reader.

Of course, Dolphin3D includes an add blocker that guarantees you safe browsing.

Dolphin3D is an alternative to the famous web browsers, and, although it offers a lot of add ons, so you can make it suit your needs, it will be hard to see it in the top of web browsers.
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